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Aristotle’s Secret to Effective Filmmaking

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

A good video just sticks with you.

You know the ones. Geico. Google. Apple. Those fashion blogger Instastories. Chances are you have a few faves you go back to when you need inspiration or just a good laugh.

Because there’s nothing like a good video to get your message out there and generate maximum impact per minute.

Back in the “good old days,” when people actually sat through an entire Greek drama, Aristotle came up with a few tips for building your brand. And for centuries, leaders all over the world used Aristotle's secret to rally the masses and change world regimes.

What was this secret? Ethos Ethos is your brand. Your beliefs. Your goals.

It manifests in everything you are, whether in speech, dress or action.

Aristotle explains that we humans tend to believe people who possess a confident, charismatic personality and are (big surprise) good looking.

A good video will reflect your ethos. Be it clean or baroque. It’s important to distill a voice and visual representation that is relevant and appropriate to who you are, and your audience. And of course the presenter, who is representing your organization or business, has to match your vibe. Pathos Pathos is emotion.

To capture viewers, you’ve got to make that emotional connection. This can be humor, love, curiosity, excitement, sadness, or even a sense of failure. It doesn’t matter what. Wake up that emotion. Let the viewer identify with the issue, then introduce the solution.


The opposite of pathos. Here, we convince an audience by appealing to their logic. Think facts, numbers and statistical reports which will support our claims.

Logos also empowers ethos because information displayed in a professional way lends credibility and build trust.


Bracha Torenheim studied communications, business management and marketing at the Ono academy. Today, she works with business owners and non profits to create visual and marketing content to mobilize the crowd.

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