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Getting ready for a fundraiser?

Follow this One Rule to make an amazing video!

A longtime client once told me something very important. Profound in its simplicity. And it has been instrumental in helping me help my clients achieve record setting goals. This is what he said. There are two things that you can’t compromise on when it comes to a dinner: the food and the video presentation.

Napoleon once said, "An army marches on its stomach". The more gourmet food, the more donations you’ll get. And the video presentation, which presents the need to the donors. After all, why are they here if not to learn more about your organization and join the cause?

A video presentation is a tool that gives you a platform to tell your story in the most effective, efficient way possible. Through combining beautiful pictures, footage, voices from the field, and stirring music. Suddenly, you are able to reach your audience on an emotional level. Not only does a donation make sense in the mind, now it calls from the heart.

This is the power of video.


So what are the important components in creating a video that will cause the viewers to identify with organization values and become active partners?

Show us the reason.

A good sales person knows that you need to sell the problem and then offer the solution. First tell us what drives your organization or a program. Give us the WHY. This is where your heart leads. Give the viewer a taste of what motivates your people to do what they do. Let the audience identify with your cause before giving them the next part.

Tell a story.

Professor Dan Ariely, behavioral economics analyst, explains in his book Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions, that it’s much easier to identify with a problem of someone familiar with a name and a face, then a problem of a large group.

This idea was used to help fund raise for cancer research. It was so effective that ultimately, it became a controversy and people began to suggest a law to put limits on fundraising. This law never happened of course, but it was a testament to the power of these hidden forces. In Israel, an organization that provides accessibility and mobility devices to disabled individuals, used this tool so effectively that they began to have a problem of too much money and not enough awareness of their services. The organization has since scaled to provide an unprecedented level of benefit for the community, all thanks to the power of individual stories.

Show us the way.

A great video has the following 3 things.

1. A good opening, or hook, that opens the hearts of the audience through the eyes of the people you are helping.

2. A strong body, which gives information about the organization through the journey of these individuals.

3. A memorable ending that will motivate the viewer to take action in a powerful way.

Let others speak about you.

A baker doesn’t testify on his pastry. Your role as leaders of the organization, is to present the problem and to represent the organization. Let the people who have been touched by your organization tell donors how amazing you are. Let your organization speak for itself Let your stars share the spotlight.

Give your distinguished guests and members of the organization a moment of recognition. People like to see themselves and their family members in a nice video, and they will take ownership of their role. Donors will feel proud to be a part of your cause. This will benefit you since people are statistically more likely to spread a message they personally believe in. In this case, the message of your organization, which they have personally taken on as well.

This is the level we bring to you. Together, we can tell the story of your organization through stories of individuals, and bring it home with the bigger picture that puts your donors front and center.


Bracha Torenheim studied communications, business management and marketing at the Ono academy. Today, she works with business owners and non profits to create visual and marketing content to mobilize the crowd.

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